Hello volleyball friends! My name is Jouni Parkkali. I’m from Finland and my hometown is Maaninka. I have been married to a woman named Vuokko since 1976, and we have daughter Hanni and a son Jesse. My education is in physical-education instruction and sport manager.

Some of you may remember me from top volleyball in the 70’s and early 80’s. I played 11 years for Pieksämäki in Finland’s top league and 274 games on the Finnish National team. In 1977-1978 I played in Istanbul (Eczacibasi) in Turkey’s  top league. In 1980-1981 I played in Panini Modena and from 1983-1985 in Belluno (Damiani and Lozza) at the A-1 level. I finished my carrier as a coach in Switzerland in 1998. Please refer to my CV from here.

In 2000 I began working as a volleyball manager. There are currently about 20 players in my team and most of them aim to play professionally.

I gladly work with clubs and volleyball personnel who can assist my players in attaining a higher level. I’m looking for trustworthy people and clubs who take pride in fulfilling contract promises (salary, apartment, etc). Club’s culture as well as good coaching is also very important for me and my players. I am happy to send my interesting young players for a tryout if desired. I will give all information about player to their prospective coach, including strengths and weaknesses.

I have been working together with an Italian manager, Annarita Sensini since 1999.  Her firm, Segitman, has worked for many years with top players from around the world. I co-operate also with many other managers all over the world. Together, we have contacts with volleyball clubs worldwide. By joining forces we are able to find clubs for the right players in a short period of time.  When a player signs a contract with us, his CV gains international exposure.

My personal values are long term confidence, friendship and fairness.


Jouni Parkkali

PS. If you will come to Finland, do not hesitate call me and come to visit in my home!
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Jouni Parkkali
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